Are Dental x-Rays Necessary?

Are dental x-rays necessary? With some people saying that x-rays carry too much radiation, it is natural to be concerned whether dental x-rays are necessary.

Dental x-rays give your dentist the full picture behind your teeth, much like a blood test you do with your doctor. Dental x-rays reveals much more than is visible to the eye. The extent of tooth decay, gum decay, bone decay and decay under fillings or crowns can only be fully observed with dental x-rays.

Dental x-rays deliver the lowest amount of radiation dose than any other medical x-ray. A general checkup and exam will expose you to a minuscule 0.005 millisieverts of radiation. This amount is not significant enough to cause any damage. Furthermore, when getting an x-ray, your dentist will provide you with a shield and glasses to prevent any penetration. 

It’s really the bigger x-rays that should concern you – CT scans and MRIs for instance have a higher dose of radiation. Dental x-rays are needed to help diagnose your oral health, and their benefits really outweigh any risks they carry. If you are nervous, or hesitant, please speak with one of our dentists and we can help clarify any other questions you may have before taking an x-ray.

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