Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

You’re Going to Love Your Smile!

The teeth whitening procedures at Markham NS Dental will put an end to dull, discolored teeth brought on by age, coffee drinking and smoking. Our cosmetic dental professionals will enhance your smile with effective and safe procedures performed right in our clinic. Patients from Markham and neighboring areas can talk with top cosmetic dentist Dr Nalini Sutharsan to discuss the right treatment for their teeth. Whether you are trying to only lighten a slightly yellow single tooth or to bleach the natural color of multiple teeth up to twelve shades brighter, we have a treatment plans that’s right for you!

When you schedule a free consultation with Markham NS Dental, teeth whitening specialists will expertly decide if lightening or bleaching treatments will work best for you. They skillfully use X-rays to accurately assess which treatment method will help you achieve your teeth whitening objectives. In a number of cases, the proper treatment for a particular patient might require veneers instead of whitening. Another problem that should be considered is that some crowns, bridges, and fillings may need replacing because dental fixtures don’t respond to bleaching techniques.

Whichever path you take to achieve a brighter smile, the cosmetic dental specialists practicing at Markham NS Dental will work to make sure that you receive the positive results you seek

Facts about Teeth Whitening

The natural color of healthy teeth for most people falls within a span of light grayish to yellow shades. As we age teeth naturally get darker and the appearance of your teeth can be impacted by surface stains that accumulate from using tobacco products and consuming certain food and beverages.

Furthermore, the brightness of teeth is heavily influenced by skin color and make-up. Regardless of their actual tooth color, people with dark complexions or users of dark colored makeup appear to have much brighter teeth.

Teeth are not naturally white, but Canadians desire a lighter and brighter smile. In response to this demand, Markham NS Dentists offer a broad range of teeth whitening options to patients. The products that are available consolidated into two primary categories: bleaches and surface whiteners.

Bleaching Your Teeth

Most bleaching products used for teeth whitening are peroxide-based and have the ability to actually alter the color of teeth themselves. However, not all teeth discolorations respond to bleaching treatments. If you’re
thinking about bleaching your teeth you should consult with your dentist to determine why your teeth have become discolored and to decide if bleaching treatments will achieve the desired result. Consulting with a dentist is especially important for patients who have fillings, root canals, crowns, or who have extremely dark stains on their anterior teeth.

Using Surface Whiteners

These products contain specialized abrasives that remove stains from the surface of your teeth. Most of the products in this category are either toothpaste or a chewing gum. The specialized abrasives in these products are often refined versions of what’s contained in household toothpastes; they’re unlikely to cause extensive enamel damage. However, these products are only effective on surface stains and they should not be considered a substitute for regular professional cleanings.